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  • Scotts Hill in Henderson County picked up on Wednesday
  • Decatur County picked up on Thursday

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Scotts Hill Garbage Regulations

Prohibited items

Per EPA mandates no whole tires, liquids, farm pesticides, hazardous materials, or asbestos are allowed into the landfill. (Ord. #99-3, Sept. 1999)

Garbage to be bagged

Garbage must be bagged; no loose garbage in metal barrels will be picked up; garbage on the ground stewn by dogs or other animals will not be picked up. (Ord. #99-3, Sept. 1999)

Other prohibited items

There will be no picking up of items such as car batteries, brush or leaves, acids of any kind, and especially no dead animals, including decaying meat, fish, or poultry. (Ord. #99-3, Sept. 1999)

Convenience center use

No out of town garbage from friends, family, etc.  There are convenience centers for their use. (Ord. #99-3, Sept. 1999)


Violators will be fined not more than $50.00 plus court cost and may be subject to discontinuation of garbage pick-up for a time to be determined by the mayor or town judge.  Violations will not be tolerated.  (Ord. #99-3, Sept. 1999)